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Electrical Transformers are known to boost the low AC voltages at high current. These are also suited for decreasing the high AC voltages as well as for increasing low AC voltages and decreasing high AC voltages. These can deal with low current and electric power applications.
ACSR Conductor
ACSR Conductors are the special types of high-strength and high-capacity, stranded conductors. These are typically suited for overhead power lines. These are known for an increased mechanical tension and work with advanced accuracy.
Copper Wire And Strips
Copper Wire Strips we offer are the malleable products, available with high thermal as well as good electrical conductivity. Additionally, these are offered with high tensile strength as well as optimum corrosion resistance.
Aluminium Wire And Strips
Aluminum wires are suited for the electrical wiring in houses, airplanes and power grids. These are functional as the alternative conducting materials accessible with good electrical and mechanical properties.
Solar System Components
We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty Solar System Components that are designed and developed as per industrial standards which result in high durability and robustness that ultimately leads to longer service life.

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