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Elecon Conductors Ltd deals in Transformers, which are the devices, utilized to raise as well as lower the currents as well as voltages in an electrical circuit. These are vital parts of the modern electrical distribution systems. Most commonly, these are used to raise the voltage levels as well as reduce the line losses during the process of transmission. The most obvious application of the offered high-quality Transformers is in power distribution. Basically, these are used to avert the DC and transmit the power from one circuit to another. These are the essential devices, demanded in all electrical network circuitry.

Dry Type Power Transformer

Our clients can avail from us a wide assortment of Dry Type Power Transformer, that does not require a liquid such as oil or silicone or any other liquid to cool the electrical core. This is commonly used for industrial, utility and commercial applications. Dry Type Power Transformer is stringently checked by quality controllers upon various parameters with set industrial norms. Also, our flawless transformer is available in different specifications and is good demand in the market due to their excellent performance.

Electrical Power Transformer

With the involvement of advanced technology, we offer Electrical Power Transformer, that is used to transfer electrical energy in any part of the electrical or electronic circuit between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. In order to deliver the fault free supplies at the clients end, this transformer is tested under the supervision of skilled professionals. This Electrical Power Transformer can be basically designed to "step up" or "step down" voltages and works on the magnetic induction principle.


Dry Type Transformer Enclosure

We are extremely emerged in offering Dry Type Transformer Enclosure. Enclosure can be floor mount type or wall mount type. Specifically designed for dry type transformer, the offered range is available in varied specifications as per the requirements of our customers. This generally consists of five pieces which are the top cover, two side panels and front / rear panels. Moreover, we deliver this Dry Type Transformer Enclosure within stipulated time frame.

Furnace Transformer

With the endorsement of our skilled professionals, we are involved in offering Furnace Transformer. Our offered range is best suited to supply power to the furnace itself. We provide this transformer in several specifications as per customers demands. Apart from this, Furnace Transformer must be designed to resist the high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical stress to which they are subject during utilization. 


Distribution Transformer

The Distribution transformer is a service transformer, made to provide the final voltage transformation. This is quite important for electric power distribution system and can step down the voltage. It is quite useful for the distribution lines and boasts of increased service life. Distribution transformer is popular as a high-efficiency transformer, which bestows numerous economic benefits. Besides lessened greenhouse gas discharges, it provides reliability as well as extended service life.

Industrial Electrical Transformer

Industrial Electrical Transformer is highly useful as it reduces the chances of electric shock. This is beneficial in saving the electrical environments and is safe to use in both residential as well as commercial structures. Industrial Electrical Transformer, supplied, manufactured and exported by Elecon Conductors Ltd. is an optimum powerful equipment energy solution. This can be used as the high and low voltage transformer, which provides uninterrupted power to several workplaces as well as homes.


Oil Cooled Transformer

Backed by immense industry-experience and latest designing techniques, we are engaged in providing Oil Cooled Transformer, that is developed using hard-wearing raw materials with sturdy brass studs, connectors and bus bars used as terminals. This is basically designed with 2500V AC for 2 Minutes break down strength. In this, oil is cooled in external heat exchanger using air blast by fans. Customers can get this Oil Cooled Transformer in diverse specifications as per their requirements.

Power Distribution Transformer

Power Distribution Transformer is utilized for transmission. This is functional as the step up device. Commonly, it has been designed to utilize the core to maximum. Offered is a service transformer, which bestows final voltage transformation in many electric power distribution system. Moreover, Power Distribution Transformer, exported, manufactured and supplied by Elecon Conductors Ltd. is also used for stepping down the voltage. It has good utility in the distribution lines. Usually, this is suited to interface step up as well as step down the voltages.

Substation Transformer

The Substation Transformer has been designed for installation on three-phase transmission as well as distribution systems. This is suited for in-door as well as outdoor mounting. It is compatible with many operating compartments as well as sidewall mounted bushings. Substation Transformer works well with high voltage electrical equipment such as switchgear, circuit breakers, transformers, and allied devices. This provided fire safety as well as extended functional life. It has the capacity to hold additional capacity for future requirements as well as periodic loads.


Three Phase Transformer

Dry Type Transformer

Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformers are utilized to transfer the electrical power from a source of alternating current. These can isolate the powered device from the power source and are appreciable for many safety reasons. These are also known to provide galvanic isolation and can protect against electric shock. These can suppress the electrical noise in many sensitive devices. These can also transfer the power between two circuits. Isolation transformers are made to withstand the high voltage between windings.

Isolation Transformers we offer are accessible with improved safety. These are suited for the hospital or nursing homes. Supplied life-supporting equipment have the potential to do away with the potential damage. These can lessen the chances of electrical shock and can be used for several electrical devices such as measurement devices, computers, and specific industry power electronic devices. Isolation Transformers are known to provide good signals in the electrical circuit and offer a lot of functionality in different ways. 

Auxiliary Transformer

Auxiliary Transformers we offer are used for lighting purposes. These are apt for heating the train wagons as well as producing single-phase auxiliary for several safety systems supply. The main benefit of these transformers is their low-voltage windings. These are offered with multiple generating units that can satisfy several demands. Auxiliary Transformers are offered with various techniques and have many special characteristics. These can do away with abnormal voltage fluctuations and are accessible with low flux density. They are accessible with multiple generating units and can deal well with the high voltage. 

Servo Voltage Transformer

Servo Voltage Transformers we offer are accessible with a special phenomenon. These are engineered to maintain the voltage variation. These offer a constant voltage that too with the accuracy. These can simply handle the balanced voltage.  Plus, these can deal with high voltage or surges. These are made to deal with the disconnection of large loads. Also, these can boost the voltage at generating plant. Servo Voltage Transformers enable the distribution of large loads to the ground faults, network, units positioned towards the ending of the supply line, etc.

Completely Self Protected Transformer (CSP)

Power Transformers up to 40 MVA


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