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Copper Wire And Strips

Copper Wire And Strips are demanded for construction, designing, decorative art, electrical wiring and submersible pump industry. They have dual properties and boast of excellent thermal as well as electrical conductivity properties. Copper Wire And Strips have assorted advantageous features and boast of advanced malleability. They have accessibility in multiple shapes and thus enable effortless functions in all scenarios. The said solutions are used for protecting the exteriors of flashings, spires, domes, doors, roofs, rain gutters, and others. They are also suited for electric powered vehicles, due to their outstanding performance as well as high efficiency. 

Cotton Covered Copper Rope

Cotton Covered Copper Rope is commonly suited for the fabrication of coils as well as antennas. This is suited for many specialized services and has been insulated with dual layer of paper as well as cotton. Cotton Cover Copper Wire used widely by the electrical industry. These Wires offer high thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. This is high in strength and is highly durable. It provided ease in forming, fabrication and joining.

Bare Copper Wires Strips

Bare Copper Wires Strips are suited to be used with the automatic machines. These are suited to enhance the production as well as reduce the wastage. These are also utilized as the raw materials for different machines. They are suited to be used in many preferred areas. Bare Copper Wires Strips boast of assorted salient features such as dimensional control, rust-proof construction and robust design. This is very useful and has utility in several applications.

Super Enamel Aluminum Wire & Strips

Super Enamel Aluminum Wire & Strips are accessible with excellent electrical conductivity. These are made to replace the copper enamelled wires and are accessible with proper design modifications. They are also applicable for the electronic circuits and are suited for different applications such as fans and AC compressors as well as washing machine motors. Super Enamel Aluminum Wire & Strips have smooth surface as well as very good elongation. These are totally free from any dust as well as surface defect. 

Paper Covered Copper Wire & Strips

Paper Covered Copper Wire & Strips are functional as the commonly used wires. These are utilized for winding coils of transformers as well as other electrical equipment. These are made with the international standards and are made to fulfill several design requirements. These are applicable for the Motors, Generators, Transformers, Electrical Industries, Household Electrical Appliances, and Electroplating plants. These are accessible with high conductivity and have advanced mechanical properties. These are highly suitable for the high voltage applications and allow for good utility in their home applications. 

Mica Covered Copper Wires & Strips

Mica Covered Copper Wires & Strips are made from cured epoxy - insulating material. These provide an extremely robust finished product. The said insulated wires are suited for generators as well as special motors. They are apt to be used at the places, which require resistance to superior heat and vibration. Mica Covered Copper Wires & Strips are the economical, reliable and practical heat sources. These are capable of giving uniform heat transfer to several flat surfaces. The wires are used in several industrial as well as commercial heating applications.

Kapton Covered Copper Wire & Strips

Glass Fibre Covered Copper Wire & Strips


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