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Aluminium Wire And Strips

Aluminium Wire And Strips have been designed to serve matchless quality in assorted applications such as telecommunication, winding and cabling. These have accessibility in many thickness dimensions. The said products allow for improved endurance and are easy to work with. Aluminium Wire And Strips, manufactured, exported and supplied by Elecon Conductors Ltd. have superior thermal conductivity as well as flexible use. Also, these high strength products are light weight and boast of perfect Finish. They are applicable for cables as well as others. The said solutions are the best conductors for overhead power lines

Bare Aluminum Wire & Strips

Super Enamel Aluminum Wire & Stripes

Paper Covered Aluminum Wire & Stripes

Mica Covered Aluminium Wires & Strips

Glass Fibre Covered Copper And Aluminium Wires And Strips


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